Life Stories

Man there are just so many. One time I had a white Russian and told her it was a special chocolate milk. She took a sip and said "that's awful" first and only time alcohol ever passed her lips. I wish i would have recorded all the prank phone calls i made...priceless. She finally caught on and after telemarketers would call she would think it was me and REALLY mess up their sales pitch lol. Sitting around the kitchen table and all of us on que go silent mode and just moving our mouths hehe...she was a little hard of hearing. In John 14 Jesus said if you've seen me you've seen the Father. I'll tell ya'll if you've seen my mom you've seen Jesus. No she wasn't sinless but i've never seen anyone love like her. She used to get me so upset picking up strangers and giving them rides. She would just get their phone numbers , for the regulars and tell me they weren't strangers. I had planned on sharing this tomorrow but know i could never make it to the end. I love you Mom and will be with you again for eternity. Hallelujah !!